1. Na lan yan ran
    Appears in first chapter.
  1. Background: Warning: Spoilers!
  • First Arc: Waste
    • Nalan Yan Ran belongs to the Cloud-Misty Faction and was promoted as a successor due to her talent. She was betrothed to Xiao Yan from childhood thru his grandfather, Nalan JIe. Blinded by the ambition to secure her position in the Faction, she was ordered by their Sovereign YunYun to cut ties with Xiao Yan. Seeing as Xiao Yan becomes a "waste", she does not think twice on following the order given to her. Unbeknownst of the damage this will inflict on the Xiao Clan, she suddenly found herself being divorced from the Clan and facing duel to be held 3 years later with Xiao Yan on the base of Cloud-Misty Faction. 
  • Sixth Arc: Alchemy Meeting
    • Several days from the appointed time of the duel, she finds herself being attracted to the secondary-tier Alchemist treating her grandfather. The man is openly hostile to her, unknowingly this is Xiao Yan who has guised himself under a different name, using Yao Lao's voice and changing his appearance with the help of Ya Fei. A competition is held in the city among Alchemists, she watches the 2-day match and finds herself getting more and more drawn to this mysterious person.
  • Seventh Arc: Big War on the Cloud-Misty Faction
    • Faced with Xiao Yan and his superior fighting techniques and abilities, she finds herself dumbfounded during their duel. Three years is such a short time to rebound back to his former glory. Xiao Yan is lower to her by a star but was still able to defeat her during the battle. After seeing Xiao Yan's fire, she was able to deduct that he was the mysterious Alchemist who won the competition and healed her grandfather. She regrets breaking up the engagement after realising she has fallen in love with him. Conflict arises when one of their elders refuses to let Xiao Yan leave due to the humiliation to their faction after Yan Ran's loss. He used the issue of the Mohist's murder to pin down Xiao Yan. The Sovereign was nowhere to be found, thus prompting the elders to summon the previous Sovereign Yunshan from Life and Death Gate realm. Yunshan begrudgingly releases Xiao Yan. Several days later Xiao Yan returns and attacks the Cloud-Misty Faction base, several elders went to the Xiao Clan killing some of their members and kidnapping Xiao Zhao. Torn between duty to the faction and her feelings to Xiao Yan, Yan Ran was helpless and just watches as Xiao Yan battles with Yunshan. The war ends with Xiao Yan killing a lot of their members and Yao Lao being captured by the Soul Family. Yan Ran becomes depressed and decides to enter the Life and Death Realm.